How to make a Payment to Your Reflex Credit Card?


If you’re a new Reflex cardholder once you’ve activated your card and began using it you’ll need to signup for the online portal where you’ll be able to login to make payments on your credit card. Being that the Reflex Mastercard is especially designed for those with no credit or less than perfect credit history it is incredibly important that you remember to make your payments on-time each and every month so that you can be on your way to improving your credit score.

Another added benefit of making payments on time is that when you first apply for the Reflex Card you’ll be given a lower credit limit but with 6 months of on-time payments your credit limit will be doubled.


Guide to Making Your Reflex Credit Card Payments


Making a Payment Online

Making an online payment on your Reflex credit card is extremely simple. Just login to the Reflex card online portal at Once logged in visit the payments section of your account. Before making your first payment you’ll need to add your bank account in the payments section. Once you’ve added your bank account select a date and amount for your payment. You can either select statement balance, minimum payment or a custom amount. Once you choose and amount you will need to select a date for your payment and schedule it by following the prompts.



Making a Payment With Mobile App

Making a payment with the mobile app is simple. Just download the CFC Mobile Access App and login with your credentials for the online portal. From there navigate to the payments section. Just as with online payments you’ll need to add a bank account for making payments if you haven’t already done so. After adding a bank account you need to choose your payment amount and payment date and then submit your payment to schedule it.


Making a Payment by Phone

If you want to make a payment by phone you can call 1-800-518-6142. This is a direct line to a customer service associate who will process your phone payment.


Making a Payment by Mail

To make your payment with a check or money order just send your payment to the following address

Reflex Card
P.O. Box 6812
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6812


Be sure to include your most recent statement and account number. If sending a payment by mail you all need to be sure to send your payment early enough that they receive it by the due date in order to not get dinged with a late payment penalty which is costly and can hurt your credit.


Benefits of Setting Up Auto-Pay

For cardholders that have a history of forgetting to make their credit card payments on-time we strongly urge using the autopay feature. With autopay you can setup a recurring monthly payment that will be paid by the due date each and every month so that you never have a late payment. For autopay you can select to pay the minimum payment, your statement balance or a custom amount each month. With the custom amount you need to be sure that you select an amount that is higher than your required minimum payment.



If you’re a new Reflex credit card holder making payments each month is extremely simple. Making your payments on-time is incredibly important for rebuilding and increasing your credit score or establishing new credit. Be sure to take advantage of the one of the 4 ways to make your payment each and every month and you’ll be well on your way to improving your credit score so that in the future you can qualify for more robust credit cards with higher limits and better rewards options.
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